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Over 60 Women In Australia Received Used Condoms In Mails With Handwritten Messages: Report

australian police

The Police have opened an investigation in the case.

At least 65 women living across south-eastern and eastern Melbourne have complained that they have received used condoms and handwritten graphic messages for more than two months. The Australian police have launched an investigation in this case to hunt for the person behind this incident.

According to The BBC, police believe the victims are linked and part of a targeted attack. All of the women who have come forward attended the city’s Kilbreda College, a private girls’ school, in 1999.

Most of the victims received multiple letters, all with used condoms enclosed, police said.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Grant Lewis, who is investigating the matter, said, investigators were carrying out DNA and handwriting analysis to track down the perpetrator. The women’s addresses were obtained from a yearbook they put together as pupils 24 years ago. Some letters were handwritten, some typed, but all contained “suggestive and threatening… sexualised ” messages.”

“Our message to the offender would be, “You need to stop this,” and “We will find you’,” he added.

One of the victims said that “after opening the letter, her mother’s reaction was quite shocked and upset. She was really grossed out, and she and her dad were worried, thinking someone was targeting me”.

“We don’t know what the connection to the school is. It might be an ex-student, an employee… it could be someone who found this yearbook in the trash and they’re playing a game”,” the police said.

Kilbreda College, an independent Catholic school for girls, was founded by the Brigidine Sisters in 1904, and the principal of the college, Nicole Mangelsdorf, has requested that former pupils, if there is any other victim, come forward to the police.

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