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On Camera, Man Aims Gun At Shop’s Staff Near Mumbai, Runs After Bullets Didn’t Fire

03oh82v8 mumbai bakery shop heist attempt

The staff called the police, who reached the spot.

Mumbai/New Delhi:

A man entered a bakery shop near Mumbai with a gun for a heist, thinking it would be a “cakewalk” for him, but it did not go as planned.

The incident took place in the morning at an international bakery shop in Kashimira near Mumbai, a man entered the shop with a gun and aimed it at the owner to threaten for money, but what happened next was rather bizarre and was captured on surveillance camera.

The man pulled the trigger twice but the bullet did not fire, he tried reloading the gun but when nothing happened, he ran out of the shop. The entire incident ended in just seven seconds, from the moment he entered the bakery store to his exit.

Visuals show the staff at the shop looking confused rather than scared, trying to figure out what exactly happened in those six seconds of the failed heist.

“At around 10 am when we opened the shop, I was inside the store, setting a table, while another member of the staff was outside. Suddenly, a man entered the store and pointed a gun at my colleague, he pulled the trigger but when nothing happened, he fled,” Mohammad Tafshi, a member of the staff said.

The staff called the police, who reached the spot. The cops have registered a case and an investigation is being carried out. Meanwhile, no arrests have been in the incident so far.