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On Camera, Man, 2 Daughters Kidnapped In Their SUV. A Crash Saves Them

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A man and his two children were kidnapped in an SUV, which met with an accident

New Delhi:

A man and his two daughters were kidnapped in broad daylight in Gautam Budh Nagar near Delhi today and managed to escape only after their captors met with a road accident.

Police sources said Subhash Kashyap was caught along with his son and daughter after he had picked them up from school and were on their way home.

The captors were four men, of whom two have been identified.

In his complaint, Mr Kashyap said the men in a white Brezza SUV had intercepted them in the Surajpur main market. They got into his Scorpio SUV and forcibly took him and the children hostage.

They beat him up and tried to make off with them in the Scorpio. He said he was being taken to Dadri. But after going 500 metres, the car collided with a dumpster driving in front.

The area was a crowded marketplace and as a crowd gathered, the kidnappers got off and ran. CCTV cameras in the area caught them getting away.

The police are investigating the matter. In his complaint, Mr Kashyap said he knew two of the four men – Rohit and Akash – and had a long-standing enmity with them. Two months ago they had a fight.

“They were taking him away. They would have killed him,” Mr Kashyap’s brother told reporters.

Anil Yadav, a senior police officer from Noida, said Subhash Kashyap lives in Surajpur area and his children study in the nearby KCS Inter College.