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On Camera, Hamas Operative Sets House On Fire, Shoots Pet Dog In Israel

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The dog fell, unable to protect its master’s house in Kibbutz.

Palestine’s Hamas group didn’t spare even a dog as they rampaged across Israeli border towns, slaughtered and kidnapped entire families at once, and set civilian settlements on fire.

A deeply disturbing video on social media showed them shooting dead a dog at the yard of a house as it charged valiantly at the trespassing Hamas operative.

The dog fell, unable to protect its master’s house in Kibbutz, just 10 km away from the Gaza strip.

Subsequently, the Hamas operative entered the house and took a bottle out. The next scene showed him setting the house on fire.

Kibbutz, home to fewer than 500 Israelis, is located in southern Israel and has suffered the most from the latest terror attacks that unfolded last Saturday.

Hamas sent its hundreds of operatives across the Gaza border fence who have been accused of shooting indiscriminately at civilians. Unofficial figures suggest over a hundred people from the Israel are being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

As this devastating conflict unfolds, the death count on both sides has crossed 1,600 and thousands others injured from the rapid airstrikes and rocket attacks.