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Odisha Student Finds Dead Frog In Hostel Food, College Responds

apmm7dl8 the college was slammed online by several

The college was slammed online by several users.

In a shocking incident, a student of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology found a dead frog served to him in the hostel food. The student, Aaryansh, took to X, formerly Twitter to share his ordeal and questioned the state of affairs at the education institution. The college was slammed online by several users and it later took note of the situation and issued a notice stating that one day’s payment of the mess provider will be cut as a punishment.

“This is KIIT Bhubaneswar, ranked 42 among engineering colleges in India, where parents pay approx 17.5 lakhs to get their child an engineering degree. This is the food being served at the college hostel. Then we wonder why students from India migrate to other countries for better education and facilities,” Aaraynsh wrote on the microblogging site while sharing the picture of the frog covered in food.

A few hours later, he posted another update on the circular issued by the institute. The notice, dated September 23, issued to the mess contractor mentioned that the food is “totally unhygienic” and the students were “dissatisfied” with the lunch. It added, “Therefore, one day payment for (Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner) food items is hereby deducted as a token of punishment since this concerns the boarders health and hygiene. Further, you are WARNED to be very much careful while preparing food for the boarders of your allotted hostels. You are again instructed to keep your kitchen, store and food quality hygiene.”

“So, this is the value of human life. The hostel where the frog was served, at Bhubaneswar University, in an attempt to do damage control, decided to deduct only one day’s payment from the mess provider company! Just wow,” the student said in another post. 

The post amassed a lot of attention from internet users and many criticized the college for their approach to the situation. 

“Reminds me of that time when i got blade in my hostel food,” commented a person.

“Canteen food is miserable in almost all the govt colleges but private ones are 5 star quality food,” added a user.

A third user added, “Pathetic….the institution,the canteen contractor, the incharge all should be sued & their licences should be suspended.”

“Once we got Lizard in food in our Hostel Mess. Didn’t ate in Mess for whole semester after that,” remarked a person.

“It remind me of that time when we got some insects in our food. Literally in every 3rd plate of mess,” said another person.