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“No Way…”: Woman Shares ‘Hilarious’ Chat On Twitter After Her Brother ‘Mistakenly’ Sends Beer Can Pic On Family Group

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The caption of the post read, “No way my brother sent this to the family group.”

It is absolutely the “worst nightmare” of many young Indians living away from home, to let their parents know about their drinking habits. Imagine it materializing by posting a picture on the wrong group. Twitter user Saniya Dhawan shared the hilarious chat horror of her brother when he posted a picture of a beer can on the family group.

The now-viral WhatsApp chat shows Ms Dhawan’s brother, a Mumbai Indian fan posted a picture of a beer can with the caption, “Mumbai for the win… lessgooo.” After two minutes, Ms Dhawan’s father asks “kyaa?” (What?) and a minute after that Ms Dhawan’s mother asks “Tum beer peete ho?” (Do you drink beer?)”

When Ms Dhawan asks her brother why is he not deleting the beer picture from the group, he said that he deleted it for himself instead of deleting it for everyone. The hilarious WhatsApp chat has gone viral on the internet.

The caption of the post read, “No way my brother sent this to the family group.”

Check out the post here:

Since being posted, the post has amassed over 1.1 million views on Twitter with an array of funny comments. A user wrote, “M sure he will cook up a story.”

Another user asked, “Is he alive?” 

“He is rightly eligible for creating a “How to do self-damage” course over Udemy,” the third user quipped. 

“He can say he is promoting and supporting Mumbai Indians. The can belongs to his friend. Mumbai Indians for life,” the fourth user suggested a way out. 

“Why does WhatsApp have those two options anyway? Delete for me is a scam we’ve all got caught in some time,” the fifth user asked. 

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