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“New Age Ravan,” Says BJP On Rahul Gandhi Poster; How Congress Responded

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Rahul Gandhi’s poster as Ravan uploaded on X by the BJP

New Delhi:

A poster on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi made by the BJP and showing him in the image of Ravan has sparked a war of words between the two rival parties.

In the film poster-like creative that appeared on the BJP’s handle on X (formerly Twitter), the BJP has written “Ravan, a Congress party production, directed by George Soros.”

The BJP often targets Mr Soros, the Hungarian-American businessman and philanthropist whose huge donations to groups across the world are seen as interference in internal matters.

Just like Ravan, Rahul Gandhi is shown with multiple heads, wearing a body armour.

“The new age Ravan is here. He is Evil. Anti Dharma. Anti Ram. His aim is to destroy Bharat,” the BJP said in the post on X.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh in a post on X questioned the BJP over the post that he claimed was intended “to incite and provoke violence” against Rahul Gandhi.

“What is the real intent of an atrocious graphic portraying Rahul Gandhi as Ravan by the BJP’s official handle? It is clearly intended to incite and provoke violence against a Congress MP and a former president of the party, whose father and grandmother were assassinated by forces that want to divide India,” Mr Ramesh said.

“It is one thing for the PM to give evidence daily of being a pathological liar and of suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. But for him to get his party to produce something this obnoxious is not just completely unacceptable, but is downright dangerous. We will not be intimidated,” Mr Ramesh said.

Poster wars are likely to heat up in the coming weeks as Rajasthan and a few other states prepare for assembly election.