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NDTV Ground Report: Israeli Armoured Vehicles Head Towards Gaza Border

v6llkvio umashankar israel tank

Israel is building up heavily near the Gaza border in an indication of an imminent ground assault in the coastal enclave. Israeli military has given Gaza City residents 24 hours to evacuate towards the south, citing Hamas operatives hiding in underground tunnels.

A long cavalcade comprising several armoured vehicles are stationed near the border fence that separates the Gaza city from Israel, witnessed a String Reveals crew while reporting from the battlefront this morning.

Israeli military said the evacuation order was for the personal safety of the civilians as the forces will begin operations there in the coming days.

“Residents of Gaza, move south for your personal safety and your families. Distance yourself from the Hamas terrorists who use you as human shield. IDF will continue to operate significantly in Gaza City in the coming days, and wishes to avoid harming civilians,” the Israeli Defence Force said.

Gaza shares its boundary with Egypt in the south and with Israel in the north and east.