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Naatu Naatu Is A Hit With K-Pop Band Blitzers, Video Shows Members Learning The Steps

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Blitzers is a South Korean boy band.

Naatu Naatu from the film RRR is a world-famous song now, and after the performance at the 95th Academy Awards, every corner of the world where people are enthusiastic about cinema knows this song.

From common people to celebrities, dance and music lovers are posting their dance videos over this catchy song.

Recently, the K-Pop boy band Blitzers appeared in a video practising the song’s dance moves, and it quickly went viral online.

Watch the video here:

The video has received over 8 lakh views and over 1 lakh likes on Instagram. With several users, especially Indians, commending it enthusiastically.

“As Indians, we obviously feel proud and damn happy,” wrote one user.

“If anyone is wondering who they are, they are BLITZERS! Their music is really good! They also came to Pakistan to shoot their music video last year,” commented another user.

“They were confident, and it seemed easy to them, but in the end, they missed it, but I like that facing each other is also good, wrote a third user.

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