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Monkey In Bali Exchanges Stolen Phone For A Tasty Treat – Watch Hilarious Video

Monkeys are known for their mischievous behaviours, one of the top ones being their lookout for a tasty treat from unsuspecting travellers. From bananas to packed snacks and homemade meals, these crafty creatures will go to great lengths for a bite. But have you ever heard of a monkey masterminding a phone heist and then striking a deal for its return in exchange for delectable delights? It might sound like something out of a wild adventure movie, but it happened for real in Bali. A video capturing this entire incident is making waves on X (formerly known as Twitter). The clip is proof that when it comes to monkeys, you should keep your snacks close and your phones closer.
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In the video, a monkey holds a phone in its grasp, leaving the phone’s owner visibly worried. Desperate to retrieve her device, the woman takes out a fruit from her bag and offers it to the monkey. The animal accepts the fruit but does not return the phone. In a final negotiation move, the woman offers another fruit to get her mobile back. After getting two fruits, the monkey finally gives back the phone before making a swift getaway. The text attached to the clip reads, “In Bali, monkeys learned to steal phones and eyeglasses to negotiate for food.” Take a look at the video below:

The comment section of this post was full of hilarious reactions. One user wrote, “The rise of AI – Animal Intelligence.”

Another added a video of a monkey stealing someone’s spectacles with the text, “These monkeys are professionals.”

Someone said, “2 apples for an iPhone is a good deal, they should ask for more like a $100 bill lol.”A
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“This is the coolest video I watched today! These guys are real schemers!” read a comment.

Have you ever been robbed by a monkey? Let us know in the comments below.