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“Modi Miracle”: Ex-Israeli Intel Chief On India Brokering Peace With Hamas

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New Delhi:

Four days into the bloodiest Israel-Hamas conflict in decades – in which more than 1,600 people have been killed and over 6,000 injured – there is still no sign of peace or even a ceasefire. 

Amid talk that India – which negotiated the inclusion of the African Union into the G20 and expanded the BRICS bloc by six nations – could play a key role in this regard, the former head of Israel’s military intelligence has told String Reveals Tel Aviv would welcome a “Modi miracle”.

“Hamas is not willing to do any negotiation… any peace. Hamas is a terror organisation (like ISIS)… they are killing women, children in a very cold way. If Modi can make this miracle we will hold our finger for him,” Major General Amos Yadlin (retd), said.

The Major General told String Reveals this afternoon that while Israel would welcome any attempt by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to mediate a peace, Hamas “is not willing for peace”.

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“Israel and India relations are very important. These are two nations that got out independence at the same time… have similar traditions. We are two nations that have enemies at the border… you have Pakistan, China, and we have the terrorists from Gaza, Hezbollah, and Iran and Syria.”

“There is a lot of the same political background, and Israel is helping India a lot. We are giving weapons that you used to get from Russia. We welcome any attempt by your PM to mediate…” 

He also said a combination of multiple operational failures were likely why Israel’s much-vaunted intelligence network had failed to predict or prevent Hamas’ brutal attack. The domestic intel agency, Shin Bet, and the famed spy agency Mossad, have been scrambling for answers.

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“Signals were not picked up, sensors were neutralised. The consequences were catastrophic,” he said, when asked why neither agency had acted in time to stop what will likely be thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in damage to property and infrastructure by the time the dust settles.

Israel, he said, had been “very effective” in preventing Hamas’ attacks.

“We have the best anti-rocket system in the world…” he said, but also acknowledged the Palestinian group had successfully altered tactics to counter extreme digital and physical surveillance by the Israelis.

The exclusive interview to String Reveals came as Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give him an update on the military situation in that country. PM Modi’s office said he had given his counterpart an assurance that India stands with Israel in “this difficult hour”.

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Hamas this morning threatened Tel Aviv with the execution of “a hostage for every bomb dropped on a Palestinian home”, after Israel Monday announced a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip. 

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Reports indicate they have nearly 150 hostages, including children, and four have already died.