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MMA Trainer Spars With Kangaroo To Save His Dog In Australia

The kangaroo had dragged the dog into a river. (Representation Pic)

A man in Australia sparred with a kangaroo that was trying to drown his dog. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) identified the man as Mick Moloney, a mixed martial arts (MMA) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu teacher who lives in Mildura, Australia. Mr Moloney filmed himself entering a river to get the seven-foot kangaroo that was sitting on top of his dog, which was having trouble breathing. The video was first uploaded by Mildura Martial Arts School on TikTok from where it was deleted. The clip is, however, available on other platforms like Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

As Mr Moloney enters the water, he is heard telling the kangaroo, “I’m going to punch you f*****g head in. Let my dog go.”

The marsupial keeps looking at the approaching opponent, who punches him as the video turns shaky. Nothing is seen for a few seconds and when the recording resumes, Mr Moloney and his dog are seen coming out of the water while the kangaroo is still standing in the river.

In another clip, Mr Moloney is heard speaking to his dog and checking if the pet is all right. He also shows his hand with blood on it.

Speaking to ABC, Mr Moloney said he was stretching on the riverbank when he realised that one of his dogs named Hatchi, an Akita, is missing.

“I looked toward the river and behind these reeds, I could just see this massive kangaroo. The creature was standing there with his arms actually in the water just staring at me,” he added.

Mr Moloney then saw Hatchi who was in a “headlock with this kangaroo”.

“Water was just gushing out of his mouth, and he yelped quite badly,” he added.

Before the fight, Mr Moloney said he tried to save Hatchi using other techniques – like scaring the kangaroo with loud noises – to no avail.

So, he decided to get in there and take on the “jacked” creature. “The muscles on this thing… I was like, ‘This thing’s just got out of jail’ or something,” Mr Moloney told ABC.

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