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Man’s Creative “Kidney For Sale” Poster To Pay Rent Deposit In Bengaluru Wins Internet

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The poster featured a QR code that landlords could scan to access the man’s profile.

From dealing with soaring rent to unusually high-security deposit demands from landlords, house hunting has always been a tough job for people who have to move to a different city. Now, recently a man in Bengaluru decided to bring attention to this issue in a hilarious way by creating a poster that pokes fun at the excessive demands of some landlords. 

Taking to social media, Ramyakh Jain mentioned the difficulties of finding a place in the Indiranagar area of Bengaluru. He shared pictures of the poster that was attached to a pole. It read, “Left kidney on sale. Need money to fund the security deposit amount landlords are asking for”. 

Take a look below: 

The second part of the poster clarified that it was just a joke and that the advertiser was actually looking for a house to rent in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. It also featured a QR code that landlords could scan to access the advertiser’s profile. 

The post quickly gained popularity on social media. While on LinkedIn it garnered more than 1,300 reactions, on Twitter, it accumulated more than 82,000 views and over 1,600 likes. 

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In the comment section, while one user jokingly wrote, “Should have put the ‘right’ one on sale. There are very few buyers for the ‘left’ in India lately,” another said, “I 100% would do this too. Need to attract right ToF, then gotta resort to marketing tactics”. 

A third user commented, “Saving this one as I need to use this in coming days”. A fourth wrote, “While on house hunt landlord got offended on rejection. Because I said that I’m not interested in making you rich. Instead will opt for Honda City and pay EMI for the long commute.” “All those kidney jokes just got real,” expressed fifth. 

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