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Man Creates Fake LinkedIn Profile Using AI, Then This Happens

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The tweet has collected over 41,000 likes and over 4 million impressions

Over the past few months, the rise of AI fakes has got a lot of people worried. Now, a Twitter user named Roshan Patel recently revealed that he made a fake LinkedIn profile of a startup founder using AI, and within 24 hours, a VC analyst reached out to invest.

Roshan Patel, a New York-based entrepreneur, made realistic images using a tool that creates AI-based content. Artificial intelligence has improved to a point where we can now create any type of image with little to no effort, thanks to various applications and software.

In his caption, he wrote, “I created a fake LinkedIn profile of a founder. AI-generated white male face, Stripe alum, Stanford dropout, Going through YC, “polymath” Within 24 hours, I had a VC to reach out to invest.”

Check out the tweet:

Since being posted, the post has attracted several comments and reactions. The tweet has collected over 41,000 likes and over 4 million impressions. A user commented, “I know a bunch of people who worked at Stripe and NONE of them have anything good to say about Chad Smith.”

“LOL “A few ex-Stripe buddies of mine had great things to say about you” had me dying,” the second user wrote.

“Not surprising Sounds like the “due diligence” VCs did when deciding to invest millions in FTX. One of them said that he invested because SBF could talk about crypto while playing a video game,” the third user wrote.

“BRB creating an AI-generated profile that just messages every LinkedIn account to talk about having dry powder,” the fourth user commented.


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