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Maharashtra Man Strangles Dog After It Destroys Tractor’s Seat

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The heart-wrenching video has left the internet stunned

A disturbing video has surfaced on the internet which shows a man brutally killing a stray dog after the animal destroyed the seat cover of his tractor. An elderly man from Maharashtra’s Parola tied a rope around the dog’s neck and hung it on his tractor. The heinous act was captured on camera and is now doing rounds on social media platforms.

The footage was posted on Instagram by Fight Against Animal Cruelties (FAAC). In the caption, the handle highlighted that the man got hold of the animal alive and killed it brutally after it tore the seat of his tractor. They posed a crucial question, asking if the dog’s life was less valuable than a mere seat.

The caption read, “A dog was hanged alive till death by a man. Reason – Because the dog tore the seat of his tractor. Was the dog’s life less valuable than the seat?”

Reacting to the video, Nitesh Anil Khare, Founder & National President, SAS India wrote, “I am on this case. Accused is in police custody as informed by SI Pawar of Palora District. I am expected to visit the location the Day after.”

The heart-wrenching video has left the internet stunned. A user wrote, “Can we punish humans the way they hurt animals .. can we keep all living beings’ life equal.. guess we are snobbish thinking we are a superior race.”

“The guy still has no shame and doesn’t even understand what wrong he has done,” another user wrote.

“Did anyone file a case against this evil creature? Please please try and file a case so that some action is taken, That innocent didn’t take his life just tore a bloody seat how dare he even think of doing such a thing. This is so heartless what’s wrong with humans, I hope and pray your child is done the same harm,” the third user wrote.