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Love Dhokla? Try This Delicious Amiri Khaman Recipe For A Quick Snack

Gujarati cuisine has many delights to offer. Whether it is yummy thepla, wholesome undhiyu or sweet shrikhand, Gujarati food never lets you down. One of the most popular Gujarati snacks is dhokla and/or khaman. We are using “and/or” here because the two terms are often used synonymously. Technically, khaman and dhokla are similar, but not the same dish. Traditionally, dhokla has a coarser texture than spongy khaman. The former is usually white or light yellow while the latter has a stronger colour. Whatever their differences – both these delicacies are quite tasty! And if you enjoy them, then we have a special recipe you must try: sev khamani.

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Dhokla is popular all over the country.
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What Is Sev Khamani?

Also called Amiri Khaman, Sev Khamani is a dish that uses crushed khaman/ dhokla. A special tempering of spices and veggies is prepared and then mixed with it. In some ways, it is reminiscent of chaat items because it is topped with a generous amount of sev. The result is a lovely burst of flavours and textures that you are sure to love. If you have leftover khaman, this is the perfect dish to try. And if you don’t? We have got both instances covered. Check out the instructions below. 

How To Make Gujarati Amiri Khaman At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Sev Khamani

If you don’t have leftover khaman, you can easily make it from scratch. The traditional method requires soaking gram in advance and may be time-consuming for some. But you get to enjoy the authentic taste. Find the full recipe here. If you’re in a hurry, you can opt for instant khaman ready in under 30 minutes. Watch the recipe video for it here. 

If you’re making the khaman, especially for this dish, then don’t put any tadka (tempering) on top of it. This shall be done later. 

To begin making the sev khamani, crush the cooked khaman into a bowl, using your hands. Heat oil in a kadhai. Then add hing, mustard seeds, white sesame seeds, green chillies, curry leaves and garlic cloves. Add haldi, salt, sugar and onion. Stir-fry the ingredients together. Next, add the crushed khaman and combine it well with the prepared tadka. Top with lemon juice, grated coconut, pomegranate seeds and chopped coriander leaves. Mix well. Just before serving, add the sev on top. 

Click here for the complete recipe for Amiri Khaman.

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