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Kriti Sanon Spills The Beans On Her Favourite Mumbai Street Food And More

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It’s never a dull moment to go through Kriti Sanon’s yummy food diaries. Despite her packed schedule, the actress makes time to take her taste buds on a joyride. Well, are you curious to know more about Kriti’s foodie choices? The actress recently hosted an “AMA session” on her Instagram handle. During that, she shared various aspects of her personal life including her food preferences and her go-to dish. Kriti posted a question, “While I shoot, let’s chat! Ask me anything but keep it interesting.” After reading this, fans kept asking a variety of questions and Kriti answered them all with precision.

However, amidst all this what caught our attention was her latest gastronomic adventure. One of the followers asked her to choose between pani puri or vada pav. Answering this question, Kriti posted a video on Instagram Stories stating that she would always choose pani puri, if given a choice of this sort. She mentioned, “Always pani puri! Actually, I call it gol gappe and I have started calling it pani puri now since I have been staying in Mumbai. Now, I am craving pani puri. So, I am going to have it today.” Take a look:

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Kriti Sanon answers the million dollar question – pani puri or vada pav. Photo: Instagram

Not just this, after the AMA session concluded, Kriti made sure that she relishes mouth-watering pani puri. In the video she dropped, the actress can be seen sitting with a bowl of spicy and tangy water. There’s another bowlful of sweet water. Accompanying this is deep-fried puris and a delectable aloo mixture. Kriti Sanon makes a pani puri for herself, brings it closer to the camera and does “Cheers,” before finally gulping it down. With a tinge of humour, she stated, “Was lovely chatting with you all! I blame these calories on you guys!”


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Not just pani puri, Kriti Sanon shared more updates about her foodie side. When someone asked, “Do you prefer your coffee strong?” Kriti answered, “Not very strong but medium. My coffee shouldn’t be very light but it’s not very bitter either.”

In another food-related question, someone asked, “Your favourite food during shooting.” Kriti shared a video saying, “Sometimes, when we are shooting, we have food from Muthuswamy, that is this amazing catering of outstanding South Indian food which I absolutely love. We have it mostly during brand shoots and all. Although I didn’t have it today, it’s something I always look forward to.”


Don’t you think Kriti Sanon’s foodie choices are pretty relatable? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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