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“Itne Injection Liye…”: Shahid Afridi Mocks Shoaib Akhtar On Camera Over Comments On Shaheen Afridi. Watch | Cricket News

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One of the finest bowlers of his generation, Shaheen Afridi has struggled to keep his fitness intact. While injuries are part and parcel of the game, Shaheen’s absence from crucial encounters like the T20 World Cup 2022 final, have cost Pakistan dearly. After Shaheen had to leave the match midway due to an injury, former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar made a rather bold statement, suggesting the pacer should’ve taken injections or pills and continued the game.

Akhtar, who himself was a tough bowler, shared his views on the incident but not every former Pakistan cricketer is of the same opinion. Shahid Afridi, who reunited with Akhtar for Legends League Cricket, found the opportunity to troll the pacer over his comments, reminding him of what where this attitude of his has brought him.

“If I was in his place, I would’ve bowled those 12 deliveries and become Pakistan’s biggest celebrity; a national hero. I would come to bowl, I would fall, break my knee, and blood would be streaming from my face, but I would’ve got up again, had an injection, and returned to bowl,” Akhtar had said back then.

In a video that Akhtar himself shared, Afridi could be seen trolling him over the comments made on Shaheen.

“That day, Shoaib Akhtar was giving an interview and said that if I had been in Shaheen’s place, I would have played. I said, no doubt, he took so much pain for bowling for Pakistan. But look, my brother has taken so many injections that he now can’t even walk,” Afridi said in the video, taking a swipe at Akhtar.

Both Akhtar and Afridi played for the Asia Lions team that went on to win the Legends League Cricket trophy.

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