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Israel Responds After X User Asks What They Would Like To Eliminate From The World

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Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7.

The war between Israel and Hamas has entered its 12th day. Thousands of people have been killed and the number of injured is going up each day. Further, an explosion at a hospital in Gaza killed at least 500 people last night, Reuters said citing the Hamas-run health ministry sources. The incident has sparked outrage across the globe. Local authorities blamed Israeli airstrikes, while Israel alleged it was Hamas rockets misfiring. Amid the ongoing conflict, the social media handles of Israel and the Israel Defence Forces have become very active, providing information and updates to people across the globe. The State of Israel’s official X account, in response to a user’s post, said that they would like to “eliminate” Hamas from the world.

A parody account of billionaire Elon Musk took to X, formerly Twitter, and put a post which read, “If you could eliminate ONE thing from the world, what would it be?” The parody account said that they would eliminate “every social media platform except X.” This caught the eye of Israel’s social media handle, who took a screengrab of the same and posted on their account with the caption “Hamas”. 

A surprise attack by Hamas fighters on Israel left hundreds of Israelis dead on Saturday, October 7, prompting Israel to respond with intense airstrikes. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to demolish Hamas strongholds in Gaza, reducing them to rubble, as the conflict continues to escalate. “We are at war and we will win,” he asserted, adding, “Not an ‘operation,’ not a ’round,’ but at war.”

At 6.30 a.m. on Saturday, Hamas fired a huge barrage of rockets into southern Israel. Air raid sirens across Israel shattered the morning silence and the Iron Dome system, one of the best air defence systems in the world, was again in action. The group launched 5,000 rockets and in response, Israel’s military fired 2,500 rockets. Reuters report said that smoke billowed over residential Israeli areas and people sheltered behind buildings as sirens were heard.

The terrorists – travelling in vehicles, boats and motorised paragliders – also breached the security barriers using the rocket barrage as cover and attacked nearby Israeli towns and military posts, opening fire on civilians. Several videos on social media showed Hamas fighters in Israel border towns shooting at residents and passersby.

The Hamas attack came 50 years and a day after Egyptian and Syrian forces launched an assault during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur in an effort to retrieve territory Israel had taken during a brief conflict in 1967.

Meanwhile, according to the United Nations, over one million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes in the northern Gaza Strip since Israel launched its air campaign against the Palestinian organisation Hamas.