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“India Must Intervene”: Palestine Envoy To NDTV Amid Israel’s Gaza Strike

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Palestine Ambassador to India Abu Alhaija spoke to String Reveals in an exclusive interview

New Delhi:

India is a friend to both Israel and Palestine and must step in to resolve the current crisis in Gaza Strip, Palestine Ambassador to India Abu Alhaija told String Reveals in an interview today.

Nearly 1,600 people have died in the Hamas’ massive attack on Israel cities and the brutal retaliation that has followed. While the West has sided with Israel, several countries in the Middle East have said the current crisis is a culmination of Israel’s policies in the region.

The ambassador is an appointee of the Palestine Authority government led by President Mahmoud Abbas. This government controls the West Bank area of Palestine. The Gaza Strip is under the control of Hamas, which is behind the terror attacks on Israel. The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), which governs the West Bank, has had several clashes with Hamas in the past. The PLO has given up violent means, but Hamas continues to use them.

“What has happened is a reaction to what Israel is doing in the West Bank. The international community is responsible for the war. The UN has passed 800 resolutions on Palestine. Israel has implemented none. If Israel ends its control on the occupied territories in Palestine, the attacks will also end,” the Palestine ambassador said.

He, however, said Palestine is against the killing of civilians and wants a peaceful solution to the crisis. “Our president is in touch with several European countries to help negotiate,” he said, adding, “India is a friend to both. We want India to intervene and help us negotiate.”

Hitting out at Israel for announcing a complete siege of Gaza and cutting off essential supplies, the ambassador said, “Israel said they will cut electricity and food supply. This is an act of war.”

More than 133 children have been killed in Gaza, he said, adding that the Benjamin Netanyahu government in Israel is the “most extreme” regime in the country’s history.

Netanyahu has said Israel “didn’t want this war”. “It was forced upon us in the most brutal and savage way. But though Israel didn’t start this war, Israel will finish it. Once, the Jewish people were stateless.

Once, the Jewish people were defenseless. No longer,” he said.

“Hamas terrorists bound, burned and executed children. They are savages. Hamas is ISIS. And just as the forces of civilization united to defeat ISIS, the forces of civilization must support Israel in defeating Hamas,” he added in a statement.