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“India Is A Powerful Country, Growing Stronger Under PM Modi”: Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin said countries such as India deserve more representation at UNSC


Heaping praise on India, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the Indian leadership is “self-directed” and led by the country’s national interests, according to Reuters. Speaking at an event, Vladimir Putin alleged that the West is trying to cast everyone “who is not ready to blindly follow these Western elites as the enemy”.

“At a certain point in time, they tried to do the same with India. Now they are flirting, of course. We all understand this very well. We feel and see the situation in Asia. Everything is clear. I want to say that the Indian leadership is self-directed. It is led by the national interests. I think that those attempts make no sense. But, they continue. They are trying to cast Arabs as the enemy. They are trying to be careful, but overall, that’s what it all boils down to,” Vladimir Putin said.

The Russian President said countries such as India, Brazil and South Africa deserve more representation in the UN Security Council and added that the UN should be reformed but gradually, according to Reuters.

Calling India a “powerful country”, Vladimir Putin said that it is growing stronger and stronger under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Russia-based RT News reported.

“…India, more than 1.5 billion of population, more than 7 per cent of economic growth…that’s a powerful country, mighty country. And it’s growing stronger and stronger under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi…,” Vladimir Putin said, according to a video shared by RT News.

Earlier on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin had called PM Modi a “very wise man”, adding that India is making great strides in development under his leadership, RT reported.

Last month, too, he had praised PM Modi stating he was doing the “right thing” in promoting the Make in India programme.

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