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In New K-Pop Hit ‘Karma’, The Star Is India And Odisha’s Sriya

v4e6g1ng sriya lenka

Sriya is a member of the K-pop girl group ‘BLACKSWAN’.

A 20-year-old from Rourkerla, Odisha, has made her K-pop debut in the much awaited comeback album of Korea’s ‘BLACKSWAN’ girl group.

Shreya Lenka, better known as Sriya, is the one of the only 2 Indian artistes to break into the exclusive and high value entertainment industry, and is among the few faces in the Korean entertainment industry from outside East Asia.

With new members, and a new creative direction, BLACKSWAN released their latest single called ‘Karma’. The music video, shot in Sriya’s home state Odisha, features lively streetscapes and rustic ruins tempered by verdure. With no sacrifice to the high beat routine, the video also gently nods to the nostalgic red brick walls of schools, and a young Odissi dancer in full dress.

The BLACKSWAN members wear a roster of outfits heavily inspired by Indian culture and couture, in sync with choreography and music that has become synonymous with K-pop groups.

Sriya, chosen at 18 years old along with Brazil’s Gabriela Dalcin, is trained in classical Odissi dance, as well as more contemporary forms. She credits her grandmother for helping her find a vocal trainer for her “deep voice”. She trained for the global K-pop auditions during the COVID-19 lockdowns, using her open-air terrace as a studio.

As the Korean wave continues to surge, the multi-billion dollar industry is adapting to create content that caters to international fans, without compromising on the formula that skyrocketed it to global fame.