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“In Desperation, You Can…”: Rohit Sharma’s Honest Take On World Cup Expectations And Unfinished Business | Cricket News

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Absence of a global silverware in the cabinet always gives one a sense of emptiness, no matter how deified you are as a player. Sachin Tendulkar felt that hollowness till the 2011 triumph happened, Lionel Messi had to wait for his piece of glory till 2022. Rohit Sharma too is a champion player, but his craving for a 50-over ICC title is quite evident when he termed this World Cup as an “unfinished business” for him. Rohit has won two ICC events – 2007 T20 World Cup and 2013 ICC Champions Trophy but everyone knows that in cricket, the real deal is the 50-over World Cup.

“Yeah, I mean look, you heard the great man say that so many times that you know, until he wins the World Cup, he’s got a bit of unfinished business. I am sure you know who I’m talking about,” Rohit said on Saturday with an obvious reference to the legendary Tendulkar.

“So, it’s the same for us as well. You know, you want to win the World Cup, It’s the biggest prize that you can have in your career. But again, there’s a way to do it. There’s a procedure that you need to follow. There’s a process to it,” he said.

The method in the madness, if you may! Often desperation for the ultimate goal forces people to err on the side of risk and the Indian skipper does know the pitfalls.

“In desperation, you can do so many things that can lead to so many other things as well. So, it’s good to be desperate. It’s good to be hungry. But you’ve got to find that balance, right? “Balance to stay desperate and stay hungry for, scoring runs, lifting the trophy, winning games, whatever that is. But there is a balance that you need to find. You cannot get way too ahead of yourself because that can lead into something that you don’t really wish for.” The seniors in this team have played a lot of cricket to know how to soak in the pressure.

But to win that ultimate prize, even with 99 percent perspiration, the miniscule one percent of divine intervention can’t be ignored.

“And then obviously we have to leave a lot of things to the Almighty as well because we need that luck, a little bit of luck in the tournament. I hope we get that luck. But yeah, it will be nice to win a World Cup.”

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