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“I Plan To Marry My Partner But…”: Indian Sprinter Dutee Chand On Same-Sex Marriage Verdict | Athletics News

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The Supreme Court of India announced its verdict on Same-Sex marriage on Tuesday, refusing to legalise weddings between queer couples or grant them the right to adopt children. The five-judge bench’s refusal to legalise same-sex marriages is based not on an in-principle opposition to marriage equality, but on legal technicalities and concerns of judicial legislation. Many queer couples were looking forward to the top court’s verdict and Indian athlete Dutee Chand was one of them. Dutee, however, wasn’t pleased with the verdict that came in, saying she is hoping to see the parliament passing the law to make same-sex legal.

“I plan to marry my partner Monalisa. But the decision of the top court has upset all plans. I have been living with Monalisa for five years. We are happy together and as adults, we have every right to make our own decisions. We hope Parliament passes a law allowing same-sex marriages,” Dutee was quoted as saying by Times of India.

Dutee’s parents, who are against her same-sex relationship with Monalisa, however, welcomed the verdict.

In another conversation, Dutee said that everyone should have the right to marry the person of their choice, just like they have the right to vote. She also highlighted how a number of other countries have already legalised same-sex marriages.

“We are not forcing anyone to be in a relationship with us. We do it by our choice. I think we should also be allowed to lead a life as per our choice. Why can’t we (those in non-heterosexual relationships) lead a normal life? Several countries have granted recognition to same-sex marriage, what is the problem to legalise it in India?”

“Like the queer people have the right to vote, they should also be allowed to marry a person of their choice,” she told Indian Express.

In parts, Dutee also welcomed the court’s decision, asking the government to sensitise people on the rights of queer couples.

“I welcome the apex court direction to sensitise the public about the rights of queer people and the decision to create safe houses for queer couples,” she said.

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