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Guess Priyanka Chopra’s Weird Food Habit? PS: It’s About Achaar

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Indian food can be indeed flavoursome but when you get bored of eating the same dal and rice, there is only one thing that can excite the taste buds – pickle or achaar. From chole bhature and rajma chawal to plain rice, achaar goes  well with everything. Just lick a slice of lip-smacking mango achaar or take a bite of carrot pickle and your meal will instantly turn delicious. A bottle of pickle is an essential item in Indian households and we all have been treating ourselves to it since childhood. Well, it is not just us but even Priyanka Chopra can’t hide her affection for pickles.
In a recent interview with Grazia magazine, Priyanka Chopra answered “10 hot questions” and revealed her “weirdest food habit”. Wondering what it could be? The actor shared that she can “put achaar in anything”. Well, isn’t it something we all can relate to?
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Following this, Priyanka Chopra explained achaar to those unfamiliar with the ubiquitous Indian condiment. “Achaar is pickles, Indian pickles. And, they can be made of anything. They can be made out of vegetables, they can be made out of meat, they can be made out of radish, they can be made out of radish, they can be made out of mango, fruit, whatever,” Priyanka Chopra said in the clip.
She further said that achaar is “usually spicy” and that she likes to put them in everything from pizza to sandwiches and “of course India food”. Priyanka Chopra disclosed that she even eats achaar with Chinese sometimes. “Indian Chinese is awesome,” she added. At the end, she reiterated that her habit of eating achaar with everything “is kind of weird”.
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Priyanka Chopra introduced desi flavours to people in New York. For instance, her restaurant, SONA, serves a number of desi dishes ranging from paani puri to kulcha, which truly reflects her love for Indian food.