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Give Your Child’s Tiffin A Healthy Makeover With These 3 Innovative Recipes

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Ensuring your child’s lunchbox is both nutritious and appealing can be quite a challenge. With the ever-growing fondness for fast food, it’s no surprise that kids often turn their noses up at healthier alternatives. Concerned about the impact of daily takeout on your child’s health, especially during school hours? It’s time to get creative with their meals and introduce some exciting yet nutritious options that will have them asking for more.

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Check out these three easy, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious recipes that will not only keep your little ones happy but also ensure they’re getting the necessary nutrients for their growing bodies.

Here Are 3 Easy and Healthy Recipes to Win Your Child’s Heart (and Stomach):

Phulka Tacos

Turn the mundane chapati into a fun-filled Mexican delight with these Phulka Tacos. Packed with the goodness of protein-rich rajma and a medley of fresh vegetables, this recipe is a sure-shot way to make your child fall in love with the wholesome goodness of this meal. These tacos are not only a creative twist but also an excellent alternative to the regular tiffin fare. (Click for the recipe)

Multigrain Idli

Looking for a healthy and nutritious South Indian delight? These Multigrain Idlis are your answer. Enriched with the goodness of millet, jowar, ragi, and urad dal, these idlis provide the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. You can even toss in some colourful vegetables to make them even more enticing for your little ones. (Click for the recipe)

Mix Dal Chilla

Incorporate the power of pulses into your child’s diet with this delectable Mix Dal Chilla. A simple yet protein-rich recipe prepared from a wholesome mix of green moong dal, yellow moong dal, pigeon pea, and urad dal, this dish is also infused with the goodness of various vegetables. Perfect for the tiffin, this recipe is a great way to ensure your child gets a good dose of nutrition in every bite. (Click for the recipe)

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With these quick, healthy, and lip-smacking recipes, you can transform your child’s tiffin time into a delightful and nutritious affair, packed with love and care.

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