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Forest Officer Shares Video Of Baby Cobra Hiding Inside A Shoe, Asks People To Be Careful

maolbue8 baby cobra hiding inside a

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer Susanta Nanda shared the short clip on X.

Snakes are sneaky creatures and are capable of sliding into the trickiest of spots. Now, a chilling video has gone viral on the internet that shows a small cobra holed up inside a shoe. In the video clip, uploaded on X, a baby cobra can be seen seeking refuge in a woman’s shoe. The cobra is seen raising its hood from the shoe, hissing, and even lunging at the person recording the video. 

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officer Susanta Nanda shared the short clip on X. ”Cobra trying a new footwear. Jokes apart, as the monsoon is coming to a close, please be extra careful,” he wrote while sharing the video. The details of this incident are unknown.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the clip has garnered more than 61,000 views. In the comment sections, while some internet users called the video “scary”,  others simply thanked the IFS officer for sharing the information. 

One user wrote, ”That’s a shock! Clothes and umbrellas need to be checked in a similar fashion. On a related note… I Had the fortune to rescue and release a similar-sized cobra last year who had lost its way in our apartment complex. Luckily GKVK university campus nearby, it found a home.”

Another commented, ”Good post. Monsoons, extreme winters, and summers make them wriggle out of their comfort homes. The skin burns in summer and in winter they wish to have a sun bath.”

A third added, ”We were always taught to turn our boots upside down before wearing them for good reason, from scorpions to snakes…u never know.”

While the incident may be alarming for many, it isn’t happening for the first time. A few days back, a man in Kerala narrowly avoided a venomous snake bite when he discovered a small cobra inside his two-wheeler helmet. Sojan, who is a native of Thrissur, had placed his helmet on the platform beside his parked scooter at his workplace. Later in the evening, as he was preparing to leave and retrieve his vehicle, he noticed something entering his helmet.

“It felt like a snake,” Sojan said. He promptly alerted the forest department about the presence of the reptile, and a snake volunteer named Lijo arrived at the location.

It is always advisable to be cautious while handling objects or areas that enclose cold, dark spaces such as footwear, toilets, and even kitchen cabinets during the rainy season.

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