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“For Many Nations, India’s G20 Presidency A Ray Of Hope”: HV Shringla To NDTV

mbrjgei8 harsh vardhan shringla

Harsh V Shringla said India is “perceived as the voice of the global South”

New Delhi:

The chief coordinator for India’s G20 presidency said many nations are looking at India with a ray of hope for progress, as India is “perceived as the voice of the global South”.

Harsh V Shringla, the G20 presidency chief coordinator, at the String Reveals G20 Conclave said India has seen the concerns of the global South on food security, energy and inflation as developed nations are busy with the war in Ukraine.

“India’s Presidency is hope for them,” Mr Shringla said.

“Our position on increasing UN Security Council representation has always been there and we even discussed this during the SCO and BRICS Summit. We want the world order to be representational. In BRICS, our partners also agreed for more representation in the UNSC,” he said.

Mr Shringla said India’s G20 presidency has come at a difficult time, after the Covid pandemic and now amid the war in Ukraine.

“… The impact of the two have been felt across the globe, especially the global South… We have to keep in mind that international organisations as the UN should be dealing with the situations, but they have not been up to the mark due to lack of representations. Smaller groupings like the G20 with good representation have been effective and for many countries, India’s presidency is a ray of hope. This is an opportunity to provide solution to challenges,” he said.