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Food Vlogger Questions Chaat Vendor About His Work, Watch His Angry Response

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Food vlogging, in recent years, has taken the Internet by storm. Scrolling through social media, we often stumble upon videos featuring food enthusiasts exploring various food stalls, indulging in delicious dishes, and engaging in lively question-answer sessions with street food vendors. This trend not only garners views for the videos but can also boost the popularity of street food vendors. However, their interactions may not always be friendly. Case in point: a recent video making the rounds on X (formerly known as Twitter). In this cip, a chaat vendor is seen angrily replying to some questions posed by a food vlogger. The video has sparked amusement among some viewers, while others have reacted differently.
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In the video, the vlogger asks the vendor, “Yeh sabzi aap hi banaate ho? [Do you make this sabzi?]” To which he replies with a less-than-pleasant tone, “Hum nahi banayenge to kaun banayega? To kaha se aati hai? Paida hoti hai kya computer se? [If I don’t make it, who else will? Does it come into being through a computer?]” The vlogger, trying to clarify, politely asks, “Matlab aapke jo log kaam karte hai [I meant the people who work under you].” Again, the vendor responds angrily, “Sab kaam malik hi krega, Hum hi bechenge, hum hi banayenge [The owner does all the work. I will sell, and I will cook].”
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The vendor remarks, “Acha aap hi banate ho, naraz ho gaye aap to [Okay, so you cook. I think you are furious].” In irritation, he adds, “Bhai sahab vaisa hi pucha kijiye jo acha lagta hai, theek hai. Yaha dukandaari karne baithe hai, aapki baat ka jawab dene ke liye itna continue, aaiye fursat me kabhi [Ask only those questions that sound good. I am here for business, not to continuously answer your questions. Come when I am free].” The vlogger politely agrees, saying, “Bilkul ji bilkul [Okay, sure].” Take a look at the tweet below:

The caption of the video reads, “Funny kalesh b/w Food Vlogger and Chaat wale Bhaiya.” Here is how some of the X users reacted:

One person felt that the vendor’s response was, “Best treatment.”

Another felt that both parties were to blame:

One user found one of the chaat vendor’s sarcastic phrases especially funny: “Computer se Banta hai sabzi.”

Someone commented, “Funny hai ya nahi ye vlogger se phucho [It is funny or not, ask the vlogger]”

What is your opinion of this video? Share it with us in the comments.

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