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‘Everything About This Is Terrible’: Woman Uses Blender To Make Pasta, Internet Appalled

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Pasta is one of those foods which go straight to the heart. An Italian delicacy, pasta comes in different varieties such as fusilli, penne, spaghetti, ravioli, macaroni and more. It is cooked in lip-smacking sauces and herbs, which results in a heavenly dish. Whether it is the spicy red sauce, pink sauce or creamy and cheesy white sauce, the preparation of pasta has remained the same all these years. But, some people are always keen to bring innovation into simple processes even when it is not really needed. A video has been doing rounds on social media where a woman takes a peculiar approach towards making pasta. No, she doesn’t add chocolate or a bizarre ingredient to it but instead completely changes the whole method of making pasta beginning with grinding the Italian staple.
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In the clip, shared on Twitter, the woman takes a box of angel hair pasta and grinds it into a fine powder. Shocking already? Well, she then empties the grinder jar on the kitchen slab and cracks open an egg on it. She properly mixes the egg with the ground pasta to make the dough and then kneads it using a roller pin. The woman flattens the dough and proceeds to cut it into thin slices before cooking them in boiling water. In a separate vessel, she takes some tomato and basil sauce and sprinkles some oregano in it. In the final step, the woman takes out the cooked “pasta” in a plate with the sauce on top and garnishes with some grated mozzarella cheese.

“Italy is going to invade aren’t they,” the caption read.

A number of users seemed appalled by the cooking technique of pasta.

“I kept waiting for the mayonnaise and raisins to come out…” one user sarcastically wrote.

Another person asked, “She does realize they make thicker noodles she can buy at grocery stores, right?”

“Everything about this is terrible,” a comment read.

“You can make watermelon by slicing them, then taping them up together,” a user quipped.

What do you think of this method? Let us know in the comments.
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