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Escaped Monkey Who Was Spotted Sipping Beer Rescued In Indianapolis

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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the capture.

Authorities have successfully captured Momo, the pet monkey that had been on the loose in Indianapolis, delighting the concerned community. The adventurous simian had garnered attention after reports surfaced of it sipping beer from a trash can, adding a touch of quirkiness to the search. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the successful capture via a tweet on Thursday morning, putting an end to the brief but captivating escapade of the wandering monkey.

“Captured! Momo, the monkey, has been captured safely. That was more than enough monkey business for us. Thank you all for your assistance,” tweeted the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

In an earlier post, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shared that Momo managed to escape from his owner’s residence in the Ironridge Court area of the city’s east side on a fateful Wednesday. To the surprise of many, he was later spotted in the Gate Drive neighborhood, located approximately a quarter of a mile away. However, one neighbor did provide a peculiar account to the police; they claimed to have witnessed Momo indulging in beer from a discarded garbage can.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Momo has gone missing. His owner had previously reported him as lost in a July Facebook post. Fortunately, the post was eventually updated to reassure everyone that Momo had safely returned home.

In Indianapolis, owning “wild or dangerous” animals is allowed, but it comes with the condition that such animals must be registered with the local animal care services. The city remains both amused and concerned about the adventurous monkey’s antics.

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