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Enjoy Watermelon Fruit In A Beachy Drink Of Watermelon Mojito. Watch Recipe Video

Summer is all about cool and icy drinks. To make things healthier, a homemade fruit cooler is just perfect. The seasonal produce brims with juicy and sweet fruits like mangoes and watermelon, which can be fashioned into cooling beverages. Mojito is a popular summer drink that is usually made with alcohol. But we have a recipe to make a virgin mojito with a fruity twist. Here you will see how to make a refreshing watermelon mojito. Excited already? Why not; you get taste and health in one drink that is served in a watermelon shell to transport you to a beach.
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What does watermelon mojito contain?
Mojito is usually made with spirit, mint leaves, lemon juice and sugar. To make watermelon mojito healthier, this recipe discards sugar and spirit and just adds salt. The sweetness of watermelon juice will do the job just fine without sugar.
What’s watermelon juice good for?
Watermelon consists of almost 90 per cent water, which makes it a super hydrating fruit. Drinking its juice cool downs the body and the low-cal content also helps with weight loss. Add to it, its immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties to make it a healthy drink.
Watermelon juice is converted into an even more lip-smacking non-alcoholic drink for a perfect summer mocktail. The recipe for watermelon mojito was shared by food vlogger Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel. Let’s see how to make watermelon mojito in a few easy steps.
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How To Make Watermelon Mojito At Home I Watermelon Mojito Recipe 

Take a watermelon, cut it into two halves, and scoop out the flesh of the fruit. Now take the flesh and blend well in a mixer along with some mint leaves, lemon juice, and salt to taste. Give it a few pulses so that all the ingredients are mashed and combined well. Strain the juice, and fill it back in one half of the watermelon shell. Top with some crushed ice and decorate with mint leaves and lime wedge. The watermelon mojito is ready.
Enjoy the sweetness and freshness of watermelon in this hydrating and cooling drink that tastes great and looks even better.  

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