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Elephant Tries To Revive Its Dead Calf, Heartbreaking Video Moves Internet

“A mother’s love…nothing can surpass that,” said a user.

A mother’s love for her child knows no bounds. This is not only true in the cases of humans but animals too. Recently, a video of an elephant trying to revive its dead calf has appeared on social media. The heartbreaking video from Assam has amassed the attention of many social media users. 

The short clip has been shared by several users, including Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda. The newborn elephant had wandered away from the herd and died three days ago. However, the mother did not abandon her calf. Instead, the mother elephant carried the baby for up to two kilometres and attempted to resuscitate it by placing it in a river stream. In the short clip, the elephant, along with another member of the herd, is seen making various attempts by nudging the baby, using their trunk to wake the calf up. However, all efforts go in vain. 

“This broke my heart. The calf has died but mother doesn’t give up. Carries the dead baby for two KMs and tries to revive it by placing in water. And the mother’s cries ranting the air,” reads the caption of the IFS officer’s tweet.

Since being shared, the short clip has amassed 39,000 views and 946 likes.

“Heart breaking.. had the misfortune of seeing something similar few years back..” said a user.

“Unfortunate!!!” added a second user.

A third person added, “Very sad to see the Mother’s Sorrow.”

“OM God, so so heartbreaking and a terrible scenario for a mother and her love for her baby knows no boundaries still trying,” remarked a person.

“A mother’s love…nothing can surpass that,” said another user.

A Twitter user wrote, “Animals are more sensitive than humans especially Elephants.. heartbreaking.”

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