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Egg-citing Eats: Creative Ways To Cook With Eggs For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Just a day left for Navratri, and we are looking for ways to finish up the eggs lying in the refrigerator. While eggs are one of the most popular breakfast foods out there, there’s only so much you can cook with them for one meal. You should know that eggs are so versatile that they can be used to make any meal at any time of the day. Plan your full-day menu with eggs without getting bored of the same flavours. We are going to help you prepare different exciting dishes with the same ingredient of eggs. 

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Egg-citing Meals All Day Long: Here’s A  Full-Day Meal Plan

Egg Recipes For Breakfast 

There are options galore when it comes to making breakfast with eggs. You can make your favourite omelette, or scrambled eggs or simply boil them to make these interesting boiled egg recipes. And if you are feeling adventurous, try this unique Turkish egg or Middle-Eastern Shakshouka, which will surprise your taste buds with a whole new set of flavours. 

Shakshouka is a popular dish in India now.
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Egg Recipes For Lunch 

Even tried eggs for lunch? You can actually put together a nice, fulfilling meal. Take the usual roti-sabzi route by making masala egg bhurji, which is made with the same onion-tomato base with lots of masalas. Here’s an easy recipe for masala anda bhurji. 

Or you can make the rich, dense gravy dish of egg curry, again with the familiar Indian spices imbued in the gravy. You can pair this dish with roti, paratha or even with rice. 

Egg Recipes For Evening Snacks 

It’s time to brew a hot cup of tea and has a small meal to hold your hunger till dinner time. Pick those eggs from the refrigerator and make delicious snacks. If you ask us, egg pakoda is the best option to make. Crispy fried pakoda with soft egg filling is just the perfect evening snack to pair with your chai. Here’s an easy recipe for egg pakoda. 

Want to avoid fried food? No problem. You can make a lip-smacking egg chaat or egg kebabs, which are roasted not fried.  

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Egg Recipes For Dinner 

Last meal of the day, the last chance to gorge on your favourite eggs. The best dish you can make for a night’s meal is a healthy and light egg salad. This salad gives you all the nutrition you need without weighing down your tummy. Click here for some recipes for egg salad. 


Egg salad is a light and nutritious meal
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If you are not a salad lover, you can try this egg fried rice recipe or egg noodles to whet your craving for Chinese flavours. 

Have an egg-licious day!