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Egg Biryani, Egg Pulav And More: 6 Easy Rice-Based Egg Recipes For Your Weekend Dinner

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We love eating eggs! This versatile food can be enjoyed in so many different ways that we feel spoilt for choice. Of course, eggs for breakfast are always a good idea. But you can also savour their yumminess during other meals. You can use eggs to make aromatic curries, fun snacks as well as fusion dishes. One of the best ways to have them for lunch or dinner is with rice. You can prepare a rich egg-based gravy with plain rice. But if you don’t have the time nor the inclination to do so, there are other options too. Find out more below.
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Here Are 6 Delicious Rice-Based Egg Dishes You Must Try:

1. Egg Biryani

If you want to savour aromatic rice and eggs, a well-cooked egg biryani will not let you down. There are many ways of preparing an egg biryani, and people love to customise it according to their taste. To make egg biryani, you first need to saute whole spices with veggies like onion and chillies. Scramble eggs in the same vessel and then add in semi-cooked rice. This will be followed by boiled eggs, extra water, masalas and lemon juice. Find the complete recipe here.

2. Omelette Biryani

If you’re looking for a no-fuss egg biryani, then this easy omelette version is a good choice. You have to first cook the rice as you would do for basic veg biryani. Use the simple veggies and spices you have at home. Then, prepare a lightly spiced omelette and place it on top of the biryani. Voila! Your quick and yummy egg biryani is ready. Click here for the exact recipe.

3. Egg Keema Pulao

Don’t let the name fool you, this pulav does not contain chicken or mutton keema. The egg is still the star ingredient of this dish. The name refers to the method of cooking the egg, which is minced (keema-style) while being mixed with the rice. If you’re looking for a different type of pulav, then this one is sure to delight you. It is enriched with the flavours of onions, tomatoes and whole spices. Click here for the step-by-step recipe.
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4. Garlic Egg Fried Rice


Making egg fried rice does not take too much time. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Have some leftover rice? Then whip up this mouthwatering egg-fried rice with a garlic twist. This beginner-friendly dish requires just a handful of ingredients you commonly stock in your kitchen. You can enjoy this fried rice as it is or pair it with any desi Chinese gravy. The next time you’re looking for an easy dinner dish, opt for this one. Find the full recipe here.

5. Thai Egg Fried Rice

Another way to upgrade your regular fried rice is to make this Thai-style dish. You don’t need exotic veggies or fancy ingredients, just a little bit of fish sauce. The interesting thing about this dish is that it is served with omelette strips. It will impress guests and satisfy your egg rice cravings with minimum effort. Click here for the complete recipe.

6. Korean Egg Fried Rice


This Korean-style fried rice is perfect for egg lovers

Do you love food inspired by Korean cuisine? Then this special fried rice is a must-try. Scrambled eggs are mixed with carrots, beans, capsicums and cooked rice to form the base of the dish. Poached eggs are prepared separately and then placed on top of the rice. Doesn’t that sound enticing? Here’s the full recipe.
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How do you enjoy your eggs for lunch or dinner? Let us know in the comments below.