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Drew Hicks: This Bhojpuri-Speaking American Youtuber Is A Viral Sensation

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Drew Hicks has become a social media sensation.

“When someone says I am not a real American, I generally say you are free to think whatever you want, but when someone says I am not a real Bihari, I get furious.”

These are the words of Drew Hicks, an American YouTuber renowned for his outstanding command of Hindi and Bhojpuri. Mr Hicks has carved a niche for himself in the social media sphere, particularly among Indian audiences, owing to his remarkable linguistic skills.

Mr Hicks spent his initial years in India, during which he acquired proficiency in both Hindi and Bhojpuri. He creates content centred around his travels and culinary experiences in both India and the United States. Despite his distinctive accent, his expertise in Bhojpuri sets him apart in the world of social media.

In one of the Instagram posts, Mr Hicks once wrote, “I moved to India at the age of five when my parents relocated, and Varanasi was my first home. During my 11 years in India, I travelled extensively, fostering a deep connection to the country. India is where I grew up, learned Hindi, and formed strong bonds, with friends becoming like family. Childhood memories include playing cricket, flying kites, and savouring daal and rice.”

Sharing his love for Kedarnath, he said, “Picking a favourite place is tough due to India’s diverse landscapes, but I cherish Kedarnath for its mountains, Jaisalmer for its deserts, Goa for its beaches, and Delhi for its parties. Ultimately, it’s the people who make India special and keep me returning. Jai Hind!”

Several months ago, he created a video where he openly expressed his astonishment regarding the pricing of Indian cuisine in the United States. He was taken aback by the exorbitant cost of a samosa at a restaurant in the US.

In the video, he stated, “In India, two samosas will cost ₹ 20. However, here, two samosas cost 500 rupees. An angry Hick declares, “Come, let’s go back to Bihar, brother,” after finding the price to be exorbitant.

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