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“Don’t Focus On The Past”: Babar Azam’s Blunt Take On Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup Record vs India | Cricket News

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Babar Azam does not believe that the outcome of the much-anticipated India-Pakistan clash in World Cup on Saturday will have an impact on his captaincy. The captains of both the teams feel pressure of the big-game, especially when losing isn’t an option for fans from both sides of the border. Babar, though, looked unperturbed. “I never worry, that because of this match I will lose my captaincy. Whatever God has written for me – I will get. I will get what I deserve. I didn’t get the captaincy because of one match and I will not lose it because of one match,” Babar, who certainly wasn’t amused with the question, replied with an air of disdain.

His record against India in ICC events has been a bit under-whelming and he was the first to admit that. But he felt that not playing India enough outside ICC events is a factor.

“My World Cup till right now has not been as it should have been – but hopefully you will see some difference in the next matches. Against India, we only come face to face in the World Cup. There is a big gap.

“It’s not that because of a bowler or… I say that I sometimes get out because of my mistake. I try to make as few mistakes as possible.” Babar faced a tricky question about the possibility of no Pakistani fans (save Chacha Chicago Bashir) being present at the Narendra Modi Stadium, but like a good student, who has diligently prepared for the question, it wasn’t exactly out of syllabus for him.

“This is not pressure because we have played before a lot of time in front of a large crowd, in front of big crowds at the MCG and all the big stadiums,” Babar said.

“Yes, there are also big stadiums around and yes, I think Ahmedabad will only be blue. So, if Pakistani fans are allowed, it would have been good for us.” Once again, he recalled how well they were received in Hyderabad upon arrival.

“When we arrived in Hyderabad, I feel there were a lot of supporters of the Pakistan team and I expect that here and we are looking forward to the match.”

Someone slyly slipped in a query about tweets from players after victory over Sri Lanka, then mentioning about Mohammed Rizwan’s support for “brothers and sisters of Gaza”.

“I think it’s better if we stick to talking about cricket. You are taking the conversation to another direction,” Babar was quick to cut it short before controversy could rear its head.

India have not yet lost to Pakistan in ODI World Cups in seven outings so far.

So will 7-0 become 8-0 after Saturday? “I don’t focus on the past. I try to focus on the future. Such records are meant to be broken. It depends on the day how you play. I believe my team did well in the first two matches and will do well in the next matches as well.”

Missing Naseem a lot but Shaheen up for big days

Naseem Shah’s absence will be felt dearly, said Babar but he knows that his main weapon Shaheen Shah Afridi is raring to have a go at the Indians.

“First of all, we will miss Naseem Shah a lot. The way he was bowling in the Asia Cup, it was very impressive bowling – and a youngster, the way he was improving day by day, we miss him a lot as a team, as a captain.” “As far as Shaheen is concerned, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get a wicket in one or two matches – it’s not a question mark on you, I don’t think that way nor does my team. We have belief in him and he also has full faith in himself that he can do it, and he will.”

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