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‘Diet, Sleep And Meditation’: Hrithik Roshan Shares His Mantra To Stay Fit Every Day

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Celebrity diets and fitness regimes are a source of much curiousity all over the world. We often wonder how some of our favourite celebrities manage to stay in such good shape in spite of such a busy schedule. Luckily, social media has given us direct access to content from our most-loved celebrities. While some of them share their workout videos on social media, others share their fitness mantras. Actor Hrithik Roshan, who is currently preparing for his role in the movie ‘Fighter’, recently shared a snap from his fitness diaries. Hrithik Roshan wrote in the post that diet, sleep and meditation were the three things that helped him stay fit even on the toughest of days. Take a look:

“When the diet and sleep score is on point, it feels so good,” wrote Hrithik Roshan in the post. He further revealed that this picture was not a current one, but actually dated back to November 2022. “Currently serving as a reminder not to deviate or let go too much while on kids spring break,” he wrote.

Hrithik Roshan further said that food and sleep were the two things which most of us had a struggle being firm about. This is because both – a healthy diet and a regular sleep cycle – need some discipline to follow and maintain. “It’s funny how food and sleep – the easy sounding ones, is where most of us fail. Cause they require a quiet mind, and content, disciplined days. Whereas training and gym is so simple, cause it requires aggression, which is somehow easier to access than quiet joy.”

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Hrithik Roshan is quite strict when it comes to fitness.

For the ‘Super 30’ actor, being fit is not just about maintaining physical fitness but also being mentally fit. Hrithik Roshan highly recommended meditation as a means to achieve discipline and maintain a healthy body and mind. “What has helped me change my course and up my joy is meditation. Sounds so boring. But once you give it enough time, magical things happen. I started with 10 mins a year ago. And today an hour seems less,” he wrote in the caption.

If you’re wondering what exactly does Hrithik Roshan eat, let us tell you. The actor had previously offered us a glimpse into his delicious breakfast cooked by none other than his son Hridhaan. The duo was enjoying a plate of yummy scrambled eggs with buttered toast. “My god! I surprise myself I tell you! I should cook more often. What a talent! I’m amazing (all rubbish. But I choose to trust the little man hridz) Hehe,” he wrote in the caption. Take a look:

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