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Dad Recreates His Children’s Drawings Of Animals With Photoshop And Results Are Hilarious

hab05r social media users loved the recreated versions

Social media users loved the re-created versions.

A man named Tom Curtis from the UK is giving children’s artistic imagination a hilarious twist. The man who runs the ‘Things I Have Drawn’ page on Instagram gives his sons Dom and AI’s artwork a creative twist. The artist often posts recreated subjects including animals and people made by his sons and other children from around the world on his social media page. The photoshopped results are both hilarious as well as terrifying.

The images feature a cat with a rectangular body, a bird with a massive beak, a majestic stallion and a duck-swan hybrid to name a few. The recreated pictures are going viral on Twitter and were shared by Buitengebieden on Saturday.

Check out the tweet here:

Social media users loved the re-created versions. A user commented, “These are fabulous. Really hard to choose between the Tim Burton owl and the A.A. Milne Tigger. Also, now we know who should really have done the pseudo-live-action The Lion King!”.

Another user wrote, “I love the smiling woodpecker! There are so many that are awesome! The drawings sure do make you smile!”

Things I Have Drawn website says that it “Imagines a world in which the things kids draw are real.” They further explained, “Over the past few years, we’ve created hundreds of creatures, vehicles and people, and although Dom and Al are now a bit too old to be contributing their own drawings, we’ve got plenty of their old ones in the drawer, to add to the many more being submitted every month from talented young artists everywhere.”


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