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“Cold Maggi Is An Emotion”: This Video Of Two Boys Sharing A Tiffin Will Bring Back School Memories

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When you think about your school days, what good memories come to mind first? Most of us foodies will fondly recall lunch break – when we finally got to eat and share our tiffins with our friends. We would eagerly look forward to finding out what was packed in our boxes – and also those of our classmates. Sometimes, we would pass around our tiffins so that everyone could taste what we had brought. If we didn’t finish our lunch, we would quickly eat it on the ride home so that we would not get scolded! In a recent video uploaded on Twitter, two schoolboys are similarly shown sharing a tiffin on the Metro. This sight has made many users nostalgic for a time when life seemed much simpler.
The video was uploaded by @kadaipaneeeer, who captioned it, “Nothing can bring back the joyful feeling of sharing tiffin with your school friends.” The two boys are seen enjoying the last remnants of food in the lunchbox – one with a spoon and the other with his hand. Watch the full video here:

Many users replied to the original Tweet, sharing their own childhood experiences. Some of them believe that the boys are mostly eating Maggi noodles – which seems to still be one of the most popular ‘tiffin foods.’ Here are their reactions:
“I completely agree! Those memories are truly special and irreplaceable.”
“Cold maggie is an emotion!”
“Kids who’ve spent time in a hostel can relate.”
“I still do this with my colleagues.”

The video has received 56.1K views so far. Does watching it take you down memory lane too? What was your favourite tiffin food? Let us know in the comments!
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