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Book Returned To New York Library After 90 Years. Late Fee Is Surprising

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The book had a stamp of the library and was issued in 1933.

A book was returned to a New York library after 90 years from the day it was checked out. According to New York Post, the copy of Joseph Conrad’s 1925 book ‘Youth and Two Other Stories‘ was issued by the Larchmont Public Library in 1933. The development came to light as Joanie Morgan of Virginia contacted the library in July after she found the book among her stepfather’s belongings. She mailed it back at the end of September, Larchmont librarian Caroline Cunningham told the outlet.

Surprisingly, the library only collected $5 as late fee.

The Post report said this was perhaps the longest check-out the Larchmont library’s had since its opening in 1926. Ms Cunningham said the man who borrowed the book lived in the village at the time.

“This was quite a surprise for us, for sure,” said the librarian.

Describing the call with Ms Morgan, she said, “At first I thought, are you calling the right library because we actually get a lot of phone calls from Virginia because there’s a Larchmont library in Virginia.”

Jimmie Ellis, who got the book issued, lived at the village with his first wife and two children. He died in 1978.

“Their house was about two blocks from Larchmont Public Library. And since Jimmie, a writer and avid reader himself, no doubt encouraged his boys to read, they most likely borrowed books from Larchmont Public on a regular basis,” according to the letter Ms Morgan sent to the library.

Explaining its decision to levy such a small amount as late fee, the library said on Facebook that patrons are hit with a 20-cent charge every day a book is past due, but the maximum fine is $5.

“When a library book has not been returned after 30 days, it is considered ‘lost’ and the patron is billed for the initial price of the book. However, when the book is returned, it reverts back to the maximum fine which is five dollars,” the post read.

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