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Bizarre Scene! Chicken Roams In Dressing Room But Players’ Reaction Is Surprising. Watch | Cricket News

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Chicken roams in cricketers’ dressing room in a viral video.© Twitter

Cricket is a game of uncertainties. What one expects may not happen at times with the least expected one taking place. From the result of the game to the performance of a team or a player, it is really hard to be sure about how anything or anyone would fare in a particular game or tournament. However, this feature only makes the game more beautiful. What adds more interest to it is the non-sporting activities that take place around the game. Sometimes it is the reaction of fans or sometimes it is the surprising actions of the players themselves that keep the flavour of the game intact.

Time and again we come across various such incidents. Such moments are definite to go viral. But how about some really bizarre ones? Something like a chicken roaming around in the dressing room of players. Yes, you read it right. However, the players seemed unaffected by it. Finding it hard to believe? Check out this viral video:

Bizarre incidents are not only limited to lower-level cricket. It also happens in the international games at times.

A similar surprising event took place in Guyana on Tuesday as India got ready to face West Indies in the must-win third T20I. After the teams got to the field, they looked at each other aimlessly and eventually left the field. It was due to the ground staff forgetting to mark the inner circle. While the match was due to start at 8 pm IST, it got delayed by at least five minutes as the ground staff hurriedly came back on the field to mark the circle.

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