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Bihar BJP MLA Seen Ripping Off Mic, Insists “It Came Off On Its Own”

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BJP MLA Lakhendra Raushan said he was just trying to adjust the mic when it came off.


Members of the opposition and the treasury benches almost came to blows inside the Bihar Assembly on Tuesday when Speaker Awadh Bihari Chaudhary adjourned proceedings within an hour of commencement, admonishing a BJP MLA for vandalising microphone.

BJP MLA Lakhendra Raushan, however, told reporters outside the assembly that the microphone was “defective and came off on its own” when he tried to adjust it and accused legislators of the CPI(ML)-Liberation, with whom he had engaged in a spat on the floor of the House, with “abusing a Dalit member”.

State minister Kumar Sarvajeet, when approached with queries by journalists, retorted “was the member against whom the MLA used abusive language a Brahmin”.

The reference was to senior CPI(ML)-L MLA Satya Dev Ram who had risen in his seat to interject when Lakhendra Raushan was speaking. Trouble erupted with nearly 10 minutes left of the Question Hour, which continues till noon, when Lakhendra Raushan was asking a starred question and the minister concerned was furnishing the government’s reply.

Satya Dev Ram, whose party supports the Nitish Kumar government in the state from outside, had risen in his chair when Mr Raushan was speaking.

“The Speaker had called out the name of another member when Mr Raushan tore away the microphone in irritation. I merely stood up to point out the unruly behaviour. He hurled abuses towards me”, alleged Satya Dev Ram.

Soon, the House was plunged into turmoil with members of both sides trooping into the well, menacingly close to each other, following which marshals were called to thwart physical clash.

Kumar Sarvajeet alleged “all limits were crossed today. Abusive language was used (by BJP members) and some of them stood close to the Chair and spoke to the Speaker in a threatening tone”.

“It is hardly surprising that they were being egged on by Leader of the Opposition Vijay Kumar Sinha, who as a Speaker had been notorious for riding roughshod over those politically opposed to his party”, alleged Kumar Sarvajeet, who belongs to the RJD.

However, Vijay Kumar Sinha alleged “the Chair has been unfair towards the opposition, putting hurdles in its way whenever it has sought to raise issues of the people. We cannot be mute spectators. The ruling side also behaved irresponsibly. It shared the onus of ensuring that the proceedings ran smoothly”.

However, Satya Dev Ram maintained “CCTV camera footage can be examined. It will be clear that the provocation was from their (BJP) side. They were the first to use foul language. Members of my party and alliance partners only reacted”.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by String Reveals staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)