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Animation Artist Posts Video To Depict What A Megalodon Attack Will Look Like Today

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The animation artist posted a scary video.

The imagination knows no bounds, and creative people throughout history have demonstrated this. The capabilities of human imagination have expanded in the digital age thanks to graphics and artificial intelligence technology.

A new animated video that is going viral on the internet features a Megalodon attacking ships and helicopters in the ocean, which was the biggest shark in the world and had not gone extinct 2.6 million years ago. Megalodon was not only the biggest shark in the world but also one of the largest fish ever to exist.

A computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist named Aleksey has posted the animated video of the huge animal on Instagram.

Watch the video here:

The “cameraman,” as shown on the video, was flying a helicopter as Megalodon approached a burning ship and tore it in half. It destroys a helicopter by diving back into the ocean after that.

Artificial intelligence has been employed by artists to produce some impossibly difficult works of art that were previously impossible.

Recently, in two separate Instagram posts, artist Jyo John Mulloor posted a series of images showing famous personalities, including Mahatma Gandhi, B. R. Ambedkar, Mother Teresa, and Elvis Presley, taking a selfie.

“Upon retrieving my old hard drive, I discovered a treasure trove of selfies sent to me by friends from the past,” the artist wrote in the caption of the post. Mr. Mullor also said that he used the AI software Midjourney to depict “selfies from the past” and Photoshop to repaint the pictures.

Apart from the aforementioned names, the pictures also featured Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin, former US President Abraham Lincoln, scientist Albert Einstein, Jamaican singer Bob Marley, and Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, among others.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-generated images have made an impact, and the influence of this technology will continue to grow and improve.