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Animal Body PETA Gifts Rihanna Faux Fur Coat After She Was Spotted In Real Fur

The letter stated that the faux fur coat will help Rihanna stay “warm and fashionable”.

Animal advocacy group PETA has gifted a faux fur coat to Rihanna after the singer was spotted wearing what looked like a real fur coat at a dinner event. According to TMZ, PETA reached out to the 35-year-old popstar to urge her to steer away from wearing real fur coats. The animal rights organisation sent her a letter and a fur coat from Unreal Fur, which they claim will help the singer “stay warm and fashionable while making the cruelty-free switch”. 

Taking to Twitter, PETA also shared a snippet from the long letter with Rihanna’s photo with the request. “We saw photos of you going to dinner in what appears to be a real fur coat. As a mother, you know what it’s like to feel protective and to want to make sure no harm comes to your family. Please understand that this desire – this instinct even – is shared by the minks, foxes, and rabbits that are torn away from their families and killed for their fur,” the text on the picture read. 

Take a look below: 

“We could take any fur items off your hands and get them to the only people who truly have an excuse to wear them – people without homes and victims of wars or natural disasters,” it added. 

The full letter, obtained by TMZ, goes into further detail. As per the outlet, PETA’s senior vice President, Lisa Lange, pointed out that it is now illegal to sell fur in California and designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Valentino have already banned it. “Won’t you please help create a kinder world for your children to grow up in by deciding today that you will no longer wear fur?” the letter read.

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“You have so much – won’t you please spare animals who ask for nothing but to be left alone to live with their loves ones, free from the electrocutions, gassings, and beating that are standard in the fur industry, and donate your furs to a good cause?” it added. 

Further, the letter stated that the faux fur coat will help Rihanna stay “warm and fashionable”. Ms Lange also hoped the popstar would consider the request. 

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