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Air India Group Flew 90 All-Women Crew Flights To Mark Women’s Day

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Air India claims to have among the largest yokes of female pilots in the country. (Representational)

New Delhi:

Air India, along with Air India Express and AirAsia India, flew over 90 all-women crew flights in the run-up to Women’s Day on Wednesday since March 1. 90 was the chosen number as tribute to the 90th Anniversary of Bharat Ratna JRD Tata’s first commercial flight, a statement by the group read.

The Air India Group has been operating these all-women crew flights since March 1. While Air India has flown 40 flights across domestic and international locations with all-women crews, AI Express is operating 10 all-international flights to the Gulf route and AirAsia India over 40 flights within India.

Air India Express CEO Aloke Singh said, “We strive for an equitable representation of women in our workforce and especially in our leadership. We are particularly proud to have women in key positions in roles that have traditionally been considered male bastions in aviation.”

With women constituting over 40 per cent of the group’s workforce and 15 per cent of the cockpit crew strength, Air India claims to have among the largest yokes of female pilots in the country at over 200. Air India Express and AirAsia India, which are low-cost subsidiaries of Air India, have a total of 97 women pilots.

“India has the largest number of commercial women pilots in the world and with more Indian women pursuing careers in aviation, we are achieving gender equality in the workforce,” CEO of Air India Campbell Wilson said.

The airline also operated the world’s first all-women crew flight across the globe from Delhi to San Francisco, besides flying a similar flight charting the polar route.

“We will continue to encourage gender diversity and will provide a platform for professional growth for our women colleagues. We urge more women to come forward and join us on our exciting journey as we transform Aviation in the country,” Mr Singh said.

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