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7 Steps For Making Your Homemade Juice Taste Better Than Store-Bought

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Sipping on that morning juice can be a real health booster. From apples to carrots and spinach, we love blending a variety of fruits and veggies into our diets. While some prefer the convenience of store-bought juices, others relish the process of juicing at home. A common companion to breakfast, this freshly extracted elixir is hailed for its nutritional perks. Thanks to the array of juicing gadgets on the market, whipping up a glass of freshness at home has never been easier. Yet, many often find their homemade concoctions lacking that punchy market flavour. It’s easy to stumble into common juicing blunders that compromise both taste and health benefits. So, here’s the lowdown on some tips to ensure your home-extracted juice is bursting with flavour and goodness.

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Follow These 7 Easy Steps For Making Your Homemade Juice Taste Better Than Store-Bought:

1. Scrub Those Fruits Clean

Let’s start with the basics. No matter how pristine they look, those fruits need a good scrub. Use lukewarm water to wash away any unwanted particles and potential chemicals that tag along from the market. A quick soak can help eliminate those stubborn germs.

2. Clean Hands, Clean Peel

Once your fruits are squeaky clean, it’s time to get hands-on. But before you peel, ensure your hands are thoroughly washed. Oranges and other tricky peels might require a simple top-and-tail cut, followed by a vertical incision, making peeling a breeze.

3. Bye-Bye Seeds

Nobody likes a bitter surprise in their morning sip. Those sneaky seeds can ruin the taste and, in some cases, even pose health risks. Make sure to bid them farewell before juicing.

4. Size Matters

For a smooth juicing process, size does matter. While most juicers can handle sizable chunks, it’s prudent to chop larger fruits like pineapple and watermelon into manageable pieces, usually around two inches. Medium-sized fruits like apples and tomatoes are best quartered for efficient juicing.

5. Sip it Fresh

The fresher, the better! Juice begins losing its nutritional punch the moment it’s made. So, it’s wise to consume it pronto. Don’t stash it away for later; drink it up as soon as it’s juiced for maximum health benefits.

6. Skip the Fridge

Storing fresh juice in the fridge might seem convenient, but it can take away from its freshness. For the best taste and quality, it’s best to enjoy it right after juicing.

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7. Easy on the Sweetness

Nature’s sweetness is the best kind. Avoid the temptation to add extra sugar, as it can spike your sugar levels. Let the natural flavours shine through.

So, if you’re starting your day with a glass of fresh juice, keep these tips in mind. A little care can go a long way in ensuring your homemade juice is not just delicious but also packed with all the health benefits you’re aiming for.

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