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5 Interesting Ways You Can Use Leftover Chole To Make Tasty Recipes

A bowl of freshly cooked chole brings instant happiness to our faces. Whether for lunch or dinner, it’s one of those dishes we can never tire of eating. Since our love for it is so great, we make sure there’s always enough for everyone when cooking at home. If everyone manages to finish it in one go, great! But when this doesn’t happen, it usually ends up on the last shelf of your fridge for the next couple of days. Instead of letting it go to waste, we suggest you transform it into mouth-watering dishes. Wondering how? Here are some unique ideas that will come in handy:
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Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Use Leftover Chole:

1. Masala Chole Chaat

This tasty recipe celebrates chole in all its glory. Arrange some papdis on a plate and top them with leftover chole, along with chopped onions and tomatoes. Add imli chutney, a dash of lemon juice, and fresh coriander leaves to give it the final touch, and savour it just like your beloved chaat. It tastes so good that you’ll find yourself making it again and again. Click here for the complete recipe.

2. Amritsari Bun Chole

Buns tossed in butter, filled with spicy chole, and roasted on a tawa – this Amritsari bun chole will put all your street food cravings to rest. Enjoy it as a snack along with your evening cup of chai, or prepare it for your guests for those impromptu gatherings. Don’t forget to pair it with pudina chutney to relish its taste. Find the complete recipe here.

3. Palak Chole Tikki

Palak chole tikki offers the perfect balance of health and taste. All you have to do is blend the chole with spinach leaves and flavorful spices and grind it to a smooth paste. Add breadcrumbs to it, form small tikkis, and shallow-fry until golden brown. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this tikki will make you fall in love with it at the first bite. Click here for the complete recipe.

4. Kabuli Chana Pulao

If you’re a fan of chole chawal, then you must try this kabuli chana pulao. It is much more aromatic and indulgent than regular chole chawal and is a great way to utilize your leftover chole. It is quite aromatic, and the addition of pomegranate seeds on top adds a sweet aftertaste to the dish. Want to give it a try? Find the complete recipe here.
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5. Chickpea Fritters

Thick and smooth savoury pancakes made of besan are layered with spicy chole to make this delectable snack. It offers a burst of flavour in each bite and makes for a unique way to utilize leftover chole. Apart from its incredible taste, it’s the presentation that will make your guests wonder what this dish is all about. Click here for the complete recipe.

The next time you’re left with chole, transform them into these mouth-watering dishes and enjoy them with your loved ones. Do let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below.