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5 Healthy Flours That Will Make Your Meals More Nutritious And Delicious

All over the world, flour is a common ingredient found in most kitchens. It is used to prepare a wide variety of dishes like bread, rotis and pasta. But, not all flours are healthy and may not be brimming with health benefits. While flour itself is not inherently unhealthy, some flours are less nutritious than others. For instance, all-purpose flour (maida) is highly processed and stripped of its bran, resulting in a loss of fibre and nutrients. If you’re looking for healthier alternatives to wheat or all-purpose flour, we’ve compiled a list of nutritious options that can easily be incorporated into your daily diet.

Here Are 5 Healthy Flours That You Must Add To Your Daily Diet:

1. Chickpea Flour

A staple in Indian cooking, chickpea flour is made from ground chickpeas and has a light, nutty flavour. It’s a good substitute for wheat flour if you’re looking to cut calories, and it’s packed with iron, fibre, and protein.

Chickpea flour is easily available at any store. Photo Credit: istock

2. Buckwheat Flour

Also known as Kuttu Ka Atta in Hindi, buckwheat flour is a whole grain that is incredibly healthy. It helps manage diabetes, encourages weight loss, and enhances heart health, among other benefits. Plus, it’s a great source of fibre, protein, and energy.

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3. Oat Flour

Made from whole oats, oat flour is easy to make at home by grinding whole oats into a fine powder. Oats are a healthier option than all-purpose flour because they contain more protein and fibre. Plus, their rich texture makes for delicious pancakes, waffles, muffins, and bread.

4. Almond Flour

A great choice for those who eat gluten-free or are diabetic, almond flour is made by grinding almonds into a fine powder. It’s a good source of magnesium and omega-3 unsaturated fats and can be used to make cookies, pancakes, bread, and pasta.

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5. Millet Flour

Millet, also known as Bajra, is a gluten-free grain that is formed into flour. It has a delicate, nutty flavour and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Millet flour can be used to make cakes, biscuits, rotis, and pancakes at home.


Bajre ki roti is a staple Indian roti (bread). Photo Credit: istock

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