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11 Students Arrested In US For School Fight: “Teach Children To Respect Teachers”

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Of the 11 arrested students, three face felony charges.

Eleven school students in the US have been arrested for a violent fight at their high school. The incident took place at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida, on Monday afternoon in which the local police had to intervene. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office posted the edited bodycam video showing the chaotic moments on X (formerly Twitter). The faces of the students are blurred in the 2 minute 51 second clip but they can be heard screaming and pushing a policeman.

Of the 11 arrested students, three face felony charges, ABC News said in a report.

All of the schools in Flagler County have at least two school resource deputies assigned to each campus and the two officers “immediately assisted teachers and administrators in attempting to break up the fight and disperse the crowd of on-lookers,” the outlet further said quoting the police.

“During the fight, a female student pushed Deputy King so they could attack another student. Deputy King grabbed the student and placed her in handcuffs. At the same time, Deputy Landi was working to control the situation and observed a male student run into the altercation. Deputy Landi then observed the student charging at a school staff member while swinging his arms, ultimately punching the staff member in the shoulder,” authorities said in their statement describing the chaotic situation.

“Another school administrator was attempting to escort a student away from the fight, when another male student ran up to the administrator and grabbed them. The student then battered the administrator before being taken to the Dean’s Office,” the statement further said.

Eight of the students had affidavits filed with the State Attorney’s Office recommending charges to be filed against them for misdemeanour offences, police said.

“The lack of respect demonstrated by these students is simply shameful. But actions have consequences. Parents, be the Sheriff in your home and teach your kids the importance of respecting teachers, staff, and deputies. Teach them how to handle disagreements and that fighting only leads to more violence. We have a zero-tolerance policy for violence at schools, and you will be arrested,” said Sheriff Rick Staly.

School authorities said parents of these students have been notified and an investigation into the cause of the fight is underway.